Be a hot air balloon... not an anchor.

  • earthdad:

    when you’re just having one of those days


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  • gorlassar:

    This is a bit like what you had in mind…?

    Actually, I’m surprised how much this concept kept gnawing on my brain, to the point that I thought of a backstory for these AU versions of them and everything…including silly details like other hunters giving Rodrick stupid Irish themed t-shirts based on their ‘clever’ nick name for him. Apparently Demons and hunters have a lot in common in my head space…

    And it was weirdly difficult to imagine Bobby all suave and smooth…I like him too much scruffy I think.

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  • tmz:

    Amanda Bynes got kicked out of fashion school. FASHION SCHOOL.

    Like, nobody gets kicked out of that, right?

    Amanda Bynes Fashion School

  • mtv:


    We dare anyone to say this picture of Beyonce has been photoshopped!

    lol more beyonce photo shop here » 

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